ESTMAP Database: online GIS-viewer

The ESTMAP project has investigated the distributed potential to deploy large-scale energy storage across Europe and demonstrates how this information can be used for analyzing future energy scenarios. The project has been carried out as part of EC Service Contract no.: ENER/C2/2014-640/S12.698827.


The online GIS viewer gives access to the results of the collection, compilation and characterization of existing and potential future energy storage sites. The data items in the viewer are subdivided into 1) storage facilities or plants that are responsible for operating the storage, and 2) the reservoirs that are needed to store the energy carriers. This information has been obtained from geological research institutes and various other public data sources including GIE (Gas Infrastructure Europe), the DOE-energy storage database and the JRC-2013 pumped hydro storage assessment.

>> Link to the online viewer: http://tno.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=937305e2273847e0bc16503990f79d77

Background information

A project summary can be found via this link:

Further background on the data compilation, processing, credits and sources can be found here:


The ESTMAP database provides an overview of existing (geographic) sites for energy storage and sites that are considered potentially suitable for future energy storage development. The information is derived from open public sources and partner contributions. The future potential sites represented in the database are determined from generic interpretations and assumptions.
However great care has been taken to collect and correctly represent the information in the database, the ESTMAP consortium partners cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information given in the database, nor can they accept responsibility for any use made thereof.