The European Commission wants “clean, secure and affordable energy for all EU citizens”.

The completion and well-functioning of the internal energy market is a key priority of the European Union, together with diversification of energy sources, routes and providers. The link between energy security and the 2030 climate and energy framework is indissoluble. Reaching the goals of the 2030 framework as efficiently and at the lowest possible costs for all is seen by many as a key step to address the energy security challenge in the long run.
This requires the creation of a secure and predictable framework for investments in renewables and energy efficiency.

The transition to a low-carbon energy system in Europe will likely require increased storage capabilities for different energy vectors or effluents and may coincide with other uses of subsoil space. This transition requires a strategic planning of the various technological solutions including an assessment of conflicting subsurface uses. The ESTMAP project provides an appropriate view of available sites that could host energy storage facilities and integrates this information with advanced planning of the European energy system.

The ESTMAP project started in January 2015 and will be finalized by the end of 2016. The funding is provided by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 programme (2015-2016).